Energy Generator Wind Turbine Generator Max500W 12V 24V 3 / 5 Blades

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1. Low wind speed start-up(2m/s), high wind power utilization, light,cute, low vibration.
2. Human-friendly design,easy to install and maintain.
4. Blades using reinforced glass fiber, helped with optimized structure and aerodynamic shape, it enhanced wind power coefficient and power generating capacity.
5. Using patented permanent magnet generator and special stator, it effectively reduces torque resistance and guarantees the stability .
6. Note: without Bracket

Color: White
Number of blades: 3 / 5
Rated power: 400W
Maximum power: 500W
Rated voltage: 12V / 24V
Start-up wind speed: 2.0m/s
Rated wind speed: 13m/s
Survival wind speed: 50m/s
Top net weight: 6.8kg
Wheel diameter: 1.3m
Blade length: 55cm
Blades material: Nylon fiber
Generator: Three phase permanent magnet ac synchronous generator
Magnet: NdFeB
Generator case: Casting aluminum alloy
Control system: Electromagnet/wind wheel yaw
Speed regulation: Automatically adjust windward direction
Working temperature: -40℃-80℃
Package size: 67x29x23cm

Packaged included:
1 x Wind Turbine Generator
3 / 5 x Rotor blades
1 x User Manual
Incl. Mounting accessories